Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making Me Uncomfortable

In April of 2011, the Lord took me through a really hard season in my life. I learned through this time how much I was dependent on Him and how faithful He really is to be our foundation and our refuge in storms and trials. A few months later I found myself praying that the Lord would make me even more dependent on Him take me out of the comfort of my easy life. When I started to pray that the Lord would make me uncomfortable I had no idea just what the Lord had in mind.

He took me through several steps of moving away from my ideas of comfortable and slowly shows me what He really wanted. The Lord is so faithful to make stepping stones for us and not just suddenly spring something one you.  The first stepping stone was to have me think that I was going to leave the church that I have grown up in and start helping the youth group at a different church. At first I was a scared but I realized that the Lord makes us uncomfortable so that we rely on Him more, which was an answer to prayer. The next stepping stone was giving me a desire to move to Boston for 6 months. At first this was a very scary idea but the Lord gave me peace, and I told the Lord that I would do it if that’s what he wanted. I kept praying for a few months and was totally willing to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do.

The next stepping stone the Lord has placed in my path is so far the one that He has wanted me to land on all along. The Lord has opened the door for me to move to New Zealand. While I was becoming ok with the idea of moving to Boston this is so much more that I ever imagined. I never thought the Lord would lead me around the world and make me this uncomfortable, but I am so excited for His work and open to whatever He is going to do.

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