Monday, July 15, 2013

Visiting California and Weddings

Ok I realize I have been slacking in the blog department the last few weeks! But what can I say things have been CRAZY busy! I went to California for a few weeks to visit my family and to be in my dear friend Elizabeth’s wedding! I loved the visit so much! I enjoyed eating all the California food (Chick-fil-a, chipotle, Wahoo’s…), I loved spending time with my family, I loved meeting my lovely friends babies, and I really loved going to church and getting fed the word of God!

For the most part this blog is going to be photos! I love photos and I feel pictures speak more than words! Who wants to read words when you can look at pictures?
Half of my stuff stayed in New Zealand the other half came back to California
I spent the night in the Auckland Airport doing anything to keep myself awake
The airline forced me to check my guitar which sucked! Not only was a really worried about my guitar I also had to pay $200 that was not budgeted for this trip!

My Roots Family surprised me by showing up at my house!

Meeting Rachel's little one!

And Candis' cuttie!

Running at the Beach (not quite New Zealand beaches)

My sister came down!!!

Family Reunited!!!! Miss them!


Before and After!

Color Party

Riding Bikes as a family!

4th of July Surf City 5k

4th of July!!!

Neighborhood Bike Parade
Mom and I sat out to watch the neighborhood bike parade on the 4th!

This is not New Zealand!!!

Bridge to Nowhere Hike

My cute puppy on our hike
Family at Elizabeth's wedding

Sister and I with the Bride


Father Daughter Dance

Grandfather, Granddaughter dance 

Cutting the cake

Taking my puppy and aunt's puppy to the beach!

Almost finished my blanket!!

All in all I loved my trip back to the states but I am so happy to be back in New Zealand and seeking the Lord for the next steps. I believe in my last blog I was asking you all to pray for me to find a place to live. Well I am currently house sitting for a family in our church that is in England till Mid August. Praise the Lord for His provision. After mid-August I will be moving to my friend Ellen’s parent house.

When I returned to New Zealand last Friday, I hopped on a bus to Whangarei and directly and hit the ground running. After a quick stop to pick up my car and a quick shower I went straight to the church to help decorate for Ellen’s wedding. After decorating and the wedding rehearsal, I was able to get some much needed sleep. Saturday morning I woke up early and headed for Ellen’s house to get her hair ready for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed so much getting to be a part of it and bless them. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does next in their lives!!
I did Ellen's hair for the wedding and it took almost 4 hours!!!

Beautiful Bride


Dwayne during the speeches

Cutting the cake

Fist dance

Ordering Dominos!

Mother of the groom and little sister!
I love Priscilla so much! Ellen is lucky to have her a mother in Law

Paper Airplane decorations!!

So happy the decorations turned out fantastic!

Photo booth

Ellen I am so happy for you and so blessed to be a part of your life!!

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