Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

The Lord has been doing so much life lately and while I have been in New Zealand. The last couple weeks I have been praying and reflecting on what the Lord has been doing and I am so amazed. I came here expecting to help the church and bless people, but I have been so changed by the Lord. I don’t doubt that I am being used to bless people and help the church but that’s only part of the reason the Lord brought me to New Zealand.

I have seen and continue to see the Lord provide for my needs in amazing impossible ways. He has constantly provide me somewhere to live (even last minute sometimes), He has given me food everyday, He allowed me to buy a reliable car, He has given me the finances to keep filling my car with fuel, He has given me people to vent to and talk to, He has given me family during Christmas and my Birthday when I thought I was going to be alone, He has shown me His power and strength when I have none of my own, He has met every need above and beyond, and He has changed me completely. These are only a few of the things the Lord has done that have opened my eyes to how much He cares about me.

This week as I taught the teen girls Bible study I was blown away by how much the Lord loves us and how He planned us and created us perfect for Him. I was teaching them on how we need to give the Lord the place of honor in our lives and when we look down on ourselves and think badly about ourselves we are not honoring Him. When we constantly wish we look different or were different we are dishonoring Him because He made us perfect. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We went through Psalm 139 and I was blown away by the Lord’s love for us and His perfection. He didn’t just throw us together and think yea that’ll do. No we are skillfully made! I encourage you to read through Psalm 139 slowly and see how much the Lord loves you and cares for you!

You truly are loved and cared about! He will provide for your every need and He has such an amazing plan for your life!!


On another note… If you see my Instagram and or Facebook you know that an owl (morepork) hit our window the other night. (for the full story go here) The owl turned out to be alright and we were able to release it a hour later. It was so beautiful!

Our neighbor checking the Morepork out

On Thursday nights we watch the New Zealand’s hottest Home Baker. Last Friday we decided we needed to have a little baking competition for our home schooling that morning. We had a lot of fun with it. Zander made sugar swirl cookies, Anri made Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, and I made Rice crispy treats (with American marshmallows). They were all delicious but I think I won J


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