Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in New Zealand

Pictures coming soon!!

There is a huge place in my heart and always will be for missionaries and people that live far away from their families during the holidays! This is the first Christmas that I have spent away from my family and I miss them sooooo much but the Lord is so good and blessed me so much this Christmas!

We started out with baking lots and lots of biscuits (cookies) throughout the week and watching Christmas movies. Then Christmas Saturday night we went to a Christmas production at a local church. Christmas Eve was spent playing games, watching Arthur Christmas, and eating fondue! My mom sent me Christmas presents in the mail that came on Christmas Eve how perfect is that!! Christmas was just relaxed as we opened presents in the morning (I got some lovely jewelry) and ate an amazing breakfast completely with “uncle Paul’s” Belgium waffles! And the afternoon was spent at friends house just chilling and talking. I am so thankful for this family, they have made me such a part of their family and I can’t imagine what Christmas would have been without them! While I miss my biological family very much, the Lord has blessed me so much with an amazing New Zealand family!
Sadly even though it is summer we were not able to go to the beach on Christmas as we are in the middle of Cyclone Evan L Which means a lot of rain and wind but we are thankful for the rain as our water tank is now full and we can take showers again!!!  YAY! We did get to go to the beach on Saturday though and it was beautiful but we could see the storm coming!
I am also housesitting for the next few weeks for a family that went on Holiday. They live in this amazing house just outside of town. It is huge and they have so great animals: A bunch of sheep, 2 very friendly goats, 6 chooks, and 2 very friendly/needy cats. So I am loving collecting the eggs and eating fresh eggs for brekkie and taking care of all the animals! I can’t wait till this storm passes and I can use their pool and enjoy the outside!

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