Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raglan Road Trip

I don’t have time or energy to write a full blog on everything from this last week. Nor would anyone in their right mind want to read everything that I would write so I will try and summarize it and just post pictures! J
This week I went to Raglan for a Calvary Chapel Church workers conference. It was amazing!!! I drove down with my friend Amy Sunday night which was an adventure all on its own.
Trying a lamb burger at Mc donalds!
Presents from all my 6th graders that adopted me!!
There was a team from Calvary Costa Mesa coming for the conference to help and it was amazing to get to see all these people from back in California and to get to tell them all about what the Lord is doing here! I was so grateful for each of them and their hearts to come serve in New Zealand.
Costa Mesa Team
My favorite part was getting to meet all the other missionaries from around New Zealand. There were a few married couples that just came in July and it was great to get to bond with them and see how we are all in the same boat and in sacrificing our lives, our families, and our finances to be in this country. It was so good to feel like there is really a family and a support system among the missionaries here. I really love each of them and look forward to getting to know them all better!
Amazing couple from Calvary Chapel Nelson
The biggest thing the Lord really spoke to me while at this conference is just giving me more confirmation that I am exactly where He wants me to be. While it would be nice to be in Rotorua at the bible college and with other Americans I know what Whangarei is where I am supposed to be and serving this church is my purpose for being here!
Amy and I took our time driving back and stopped in Hamilton and Auckland and a bunch of little towns along the way! It was beautiful and the fellowship with Amy was awesome. She is a great girl with a great heart for the Lord. I feel like we were able to talk about so much and really get to know each other!

The view from where i was able to lead worship


Hayley getting to drive for the first time in New Zealand

Amy and I at the beach

Hamilton Gardens

Kate performing for us at the Hamilton Gardens

Italian Garden

Eating Lunch in the American Garden to avoid the rain

Feeding ducks

Hamilton Christmas Tree!!!!
We see this tree on the weather on the news every night! So excited to see it in person!

Eating hot chips out of a flower pot

Hot chocolate in a bowl

Gum boots on a car! Just 1 crazy thing kiwis do


Traffic :)

Many santas crossing the road

mmmm... Buger Fuel!


Breakie on the beach!

Pink Sheep at sheep world


Beauty out of brokenness

Antique shop :)


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