Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Oh the Adventure you end up doing when you are serving the Lord!!

Last Monday I went skydiving!! It was amazing! I found a deal for 40% off a tandem skydive so I made my friend Ellen buy one with me and we went last Monday!!

We jumped from 16,500 feet in the air! That is the highest jump in New Zealand! I expected to be nervous or scared but I was neither I was just excited!! We even had to have oxygen in the plane on the way up as it was so high in altitude without cabin pressure!! We had a great time and views from the plane were amazing!!!
It was also an amazing time of fellowship with Ellen and Ryrie!
We are next!!!
Getting all geared up and ready!
Ellen and I all ready to go!
The top little blue dot is me and the yellow lower one is Ellen!
Landing (not so fun)



I just jumped from 16,500 ft with this guy Cookie!

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