Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time Flies

Wow this week went so fast! It’s amazing when you are busy how fast weeks go by! I can’t believe it is already Monday again! And I really am shocked to look at the calendar and realize that it has been 5 months since I left home!!! CRAZY!!
These first few pictures are from the quarry gardens! This place is beautiful and I can't believe I have been here 5 months and I now finally went there!

This week was chaka with so many things! Monday we had the first real girl’s bible study. It was great we had a few girls come over and I taught on Purity in Speech. Wow this was a convicting topic. We talked about how we speak with our siblings and parents and anyone that gets on our nerves and of course we also covered the topic of gossip. I feel like we all got a lot out of it and we are all trying to purify our speech this week! Of course Anri is at a disadvantage (or advantage depending on how you see it) as she lives with me and I am constantly asking her “what did we talk about on Monday?” when she speaks rudely to her brother or parents J

I love these girls and I am excited to see how the Lord works through this study! Please join me in praying for the girls and please pray for me as I prepare for the studies and teach them! We also decided to move the study to Thursdays as this will hopefully allow for more of the girls to join us!
Part of our bush garden
beautiful sunset out our front porch

Friday was the ladies bible study which I heard went really well for the ladies and I was blessed by the study as I went over it during the week. I watch the kids during the study so I am not able to fellowship with the ladies. The kids this week were fun but very exhausting! I walked away so tired and ready for a nap. There were 12 children and only 4 were over the age of 6 so it was hard work. We did a bunch of relay races and they seemed to have a lot of fun. Except that I didn’t expect so many little kids so I had to help them a lot with the harder races. And of course tired out from that I had to run off to coach basketball which starts the same time the ladies study ends.
helped anri and zander build his k'nex set
Gecko on our wall

This week at the house we started working on our pond. There is this pond in the yard that was well disgusting! It was full of slime and bugs and grossness so we decided we should clean it out to hopefully get the fountain running and looking beautiful! Little did we know that this was going to be a huge job. It took 2 days of putting our hands through gross water that we couldn’t see through just to empty the pond of rocks and sludge. Then we found out the pump was broken so we are now waiting for the pump to be fixed so we can put the rocks back. I hate working hard and stuff and not being able to finish it.
The Lord reminded me how sometimes we can share the Lord with people and think something is going to happen and then there is no change and we get disappointed but we need to just keep sharing and keeping praying and hopefully one day in the future there will be a change and they will open their hearts to the Lord. It just takes work and prayer!!!

 Last night I took Anri to her first real concert! I was super excited to be a part of this experience for especially knowing it was a fun band and that we could have a lot of fun together! Rapture Ruckus performed at a church here in Whangarei! I had seen Rapture ruckus a few years ago in England and then again at Parachute! There is nothing like seeing them at Parachute! In England they were fun but in New Zealand with everyone knowing there songs and such it was amazing!!!! So I was excited to take Anri. She had a great time jumping and dancing and mucking around!


I introduced the family to Hot Tamales and they didn't like them! Oh well more for me :)

This is the view from my favorite spot in the house to study and do devotions! If only a picture could show the true beauty of this sight!

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