Sunday, February 10, 2013

School year has begun

The School year and first Term has official begun. Wow has life gotten busy fast!! I am now teaching a teen girls bible study that I am really excited about! We are learning about living a pure life, not only sexually pure but pure in all things! This week I am teaching on pure speech. I am excited to help the girls see that the Lord wants us to live pure and whole lives and that it takes more than just going to church on Sundays and saying no to sex! I am hoping they grow to have real relationship with the Lord and we all grow a lot through this term and the terms to come.

I am also now leading children's activities during the ladies bible study. Previously the children would just run around the house doing whatever they felt like and it didn’t seem safe or organized at all. Now I am planning activities and stuff for them. Last week I painted and hid rocks in the Bush and they had to find them for points! This week we are doing relay races! If you have any good ideas that kids can do please let me know! The struggle with this group is that I have a huge age range (3-16 years old) So I am trying to come up with stuff for all of them to do! It’s really difficult but I know the Lord will give the inspiration! Please keep it in prayer!
Apparently some of the stones I hid to well as there are still about 20 unfound :)

This is Emily she was a newborn when I first got here!! So crazy!

I am definitely learning that even though kids is not my strength the Lord is my strength and He fills in for where I am lacking!

I am also back to helping with basketball, and helping home school and a million other things! So please pray for strength, endurance and guidance as the weeks go on! I am learning very much to rest when I have the opportunity to rest and enjoy every day that I have!
Saturday was Henri's birthday so we celebrated with ice cream for breakfast and a huge cake!!

Last week Zander left a light on in his room with hats sitting on top of it and caught fire to his closet. Thankfully we were home and able to put it out in time! but it did burn quite a few of his toys and clothes.

I was helping teach the homeschool group how to play baseball

little hedgehog I found in the hedges on a walk

I am the PE teacher now so we are doing 80s workout movies and dancing to Bear Hug Band :)

Our beautiful driveway

This is baby casey! (Remember the baby shower I helped with when I first cam to New Zealand? Well the baby is no longer a new born!)

Been walking around our new house! It's beautiful!

Tinkles in the bath

I made the kids chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast on waitangi day! they loved them!

 View from our deck!! God is amazing!

 This is a typical Kiwi meal so we ate it on Waitangi Day! Sausage on a piece of buttered bread with tomato sauce and grilled onions! I have eaten countless of these since I got here!
Waitangi day is Feb 6 the day they celebrate the signing of the waitangi treaty which gave Maori's rights in NZ!

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