Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kete, Finishing the Pond and more

I’m so excited by what the Lord is doing in my personal life and drawing me closer to Him and revealing things in me that I never saw before. Th(just need to add that I just killed a gigantic spider that was crawling toward me haha) Ok So…

A few weeks ago I went to a youth/young adult Bible study at a church in town. I wanted to be able to go somewhere and just blend in a be refreshed in the Lord. The study was good and on the way home I was just praying and telling the Lord how I wanted to keep going to it as I actually knew a few people there. I was excited to find somewhere that I knew people and that were my age. Then I heard the Lord saying, “no that’s not the place for you.” Naturally I thought “that’s not the Lord” but the more I kept praying the more the Lord said no. I eventually gave in and I haven’t gone back since the first time. I don’t know why the Lord said no but it’s interesting to see that when we are truly seeking the Lord and asking Him about decisions how He really does speak and answer us. We just have to be open to hearing from Him.

Last week was more of the same stuff, homeschooling the kids 2 days a week, basketball, takingcare of the children during ladies bible study, working on the yard, fellowshipping with families,  sports for the kids, teen girls Bibls Study etc. Everyone in the house except me has gotten sick now so please continue to pray that my immune system is strong and I don’t get sick.
The girls at the teen girls Bible Study this week
Before picture of the Fountain/Pond
After we were finished!
Team 1 doing the treasure hunt on Friday
Team 1 Block tower competition
Team 2 doing the treasure hunt
Team 2 Block tower

I was able to go over to one of the ladies from the churches house Saturday and learned how to make a Kete. A kete is a basket made out of flax. I really enjoyed it and definitely look forward to making more. (You never know what skill is going to be required in the next place the Lord takes you so I am learning everything I can.)
Getting the flax off the plant
My finished Kete!!

Zander's hockey game

Picking Tomatos out of our garden


My momma sent me girl scout cookies!!!!!

My Grandparents did their first 5K this weekend!! They got second in their catagory (which is not last)

My lovely friend Clare had a birthday and decided she would cut her cake with her new Butchers knife because it looked better!! Love her!

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