Monday, March 25, 2013

New Zealand Birthday

First let me say birthdays in New Zealand are awesome because you get to celebrate for 2 full days with the time change!
We found this written in the sand at the beach!

I was so blessed this year by all the love on my birthday! While I was not able to be with my family and friends from back in the states I was able to be with my new family and friends here and felt the love from the states!

Tuesday night the CC bible college had me over for dinner and some games. We had a really great time hanging out and just fellowshipping with each other! I was so blessed by them and so encouraged in what I am doing here! I love that the Lord has called me to New Zealand and I was so blessed to be reassured this is exactly the place the Lord wants me right now!

Wednesday was my actual birthday New Zealand time and I planned to spend the day with my New Zealand family. I woke up to a bit of rain and was reminded that the Lord always fulfills His promises. (We have been praying for rain for weeks) I was greeted downstairs by presents and pancakes!!

After breakfast we decided we would head out to the beach and hike to the Mermaid pools. It was such a beautiful day and perfect to spend outside. We hiked to the Mermaid pools and took in the beauty of all the Lord has created for us to enjoy. After some swimming and fun we went to Burger King for lunch. You know it’s a special day if you get to go out to eat and especially if you go to burger king instead of Mc Donald’s!! It was kind of fun to have a little taste of America for my birthday!

Mermaid pools


My friend Amy joined us for dinner of Sausages and Chips (very Kiwi) and Amanda made a delicious Carrot Cake with Lemon frosting. I was so blessed to spend my birthday with these wonderful people!

We bought corn at the farmers market and they all had worms in them! Shhh... don't tell Zander we just cut the worm part off the corn :)

I even received two packages! One birthday present from my mom and the other present from my grandparents!! I felt so loved!

gift from mom!

Friday, my friend Ellen came over for dinner with a fabulous cake she had made for me! Ellen is quite the cake maker so a few months ago I told her I wanted a Tardis cake! She thought that was a great idea as she has always wanted to attempt one! She did a great job on it and it totally made my day!!!

A few months ago Amanda promised me we would make Koeksisters for my birthday! So Saturday we spent a few hours making them! Koeksisters are a South African sweet and they are so good! They are made by taking dough and frying it in oil and then soaking it in syrup and letting them cool down! We had a great time making them and even more fun eating them! Seriously these are so good and I can't wait to make them for my family back in the states!

That's right I am an American in New Zealand successfully making South African food!!
Anri said if I make them in the states any South African man would marry me on the spot!

All in all my birthday was great and I feel so blessed to have gotten to share it with everyone here!!


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