Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pray for rain, getting a pool!!!

I really need to get better at blogging and doing it more often!!

Sometimes I have this affect on babies!! I love baby Casey!

Last Sunday my NZ family took me on a walk through a kauri forest here in Whangarei. It was beautiful and we started to realize the full extent of needing to pray for water in New Zealand. It is so sad to see how droopy and bad all the plants are looking. The river is so dry and most people have had to buy water to fill their tanks multiple times. In case you do not know most people in New Zealand get their water for their houses and gardens and everything from rain water. The water flows from roofs into water tanks that supply the house with water. Many animals are dyeing including some of the lambs I helped dock a few weeks ago. So much of the grass has died that few sheep and cows have food or water. Please pray for rain in New Zealand and this drought to be over. I never thought I would be praying for rain.

Last week I spent a day with a one of the ladies in our church. Her name is Heather and I had a fabulous time with her! He husband is American so I was spoiled to be able to eat some American food and received some Mac n Cheese!!!!

On Wednesday last week I helped Amanda surprise the kids with a swimming pool! It has been such a hot and dry summer her in NZ (although nowhere near as hot and dry as summer in California) we have been wishing we had a pool to swim in. The Wharehouse (kind of like Walmart) had pools on super clearance at 75% off, so we took the kids over and picked one up. We spent the day putting it together and 10 hours filling in from our borehole water! Zander has been in the pool everyday and it has been amazing on hot days to cool down in the water.

We have an abundance of tomatoes in our garden (Thank you Claudia for planting them before you left) so the last few weeks we have decided to use it. We made Jam, Chutney, Relish, more Jam and many salads. We are truly enjoying the tomatoes and love that it will last us for months! And now I know how to make tomato jam, relish and chutney.

For those who don’t know I love DIY projects!! So I picked up so cheap plain white tennis shoes with the vision of making them so much more!! With sharpies in hand I made them into colorful shoes that now make every outfit more fun!! 

Sadly no one came to our teen girls Bible study this week but Anri and I took the time to talk about the Lord and the Bible. It has been really encouraging to see her begin to ask questions about the Lord and for me to be able to share with her about the Lord and what a real relationship with the Lord is.

This and cows crossing the road are pretty much our version of traffic! 

Last week was cow week in Pac n Save (our super market) I just loved all of the decorations so I had to take pictures!!! 

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