Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's not always easy to serve the Lord

Surely as the Sun will rise He is faithful!!

This week has been a roller coaster! There were some really good things and other really hard things for me. I realized this week how hard it is to be away from my family and not be able to be there when something goes wrong and they are having a hard time. I did realize it when they had my grandpa’s funeral without me but I had prepared myself ahead of time for that. This time there was nothing I could do except pray! So hard but the Lord assured me that it is worth it! I have been reading about Jim Elliot and the 5 missionaries that were killing Ecuador lately and the Lord gave me a real opportunity to see that giving up things and people on this earth is worth the pain when people are brought to the Lord and I get to serve the Lord. It’s so hard but the Lord promises that it is worth it! It’s so hard to give up everything to serve the Lord!
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"-Jim Elliot
Saturday I hike Mt Manaia again for Sunrise! This time we actually could see the Sunrise!
On the way back down we did some Geocaching!

Yesterday our church was able to participate in Children’s day in Whangarei! We canceled church and instead setup a booth for the event. Children’s day is a community event that brings in families from all over Whangarei to do things for the children and give them a fun family day. We did a craft and made salvation bracelets at our table. It was amazing to get to share the Lord with so many children and parents in the community! We are praying that people we blessed and that people will be reminded of the Lords love for them.
The craft we put together for Children's day

Something I have observed in our church here in Whangarei is the lack of servants. People don’t seem to want to serve the Lord and people. (some people do serve but not as many as I would think) With this children’s day there were so few people that volunteered to help with the crafts and setup. Up until the day of it was just the pastor, his wife, and myself. There are so many people in the church that talk about wanting to reach out to the community and “why don’t we do more outreaches to the community around us?” but when it comes to a community outreach none of those people even came to the event and didn’t even think to volunteer. I am praying the Lord gives people here real heart of serving and especially faithful consistent serving!

The homeschool group this week did swim races

After the girls study we made some moster bookmarks

For Homeschooling on Friday I had the kids help me make more bookmarks!! They enjoyed it and wanted to make more and more!

Before leaving for Children's day i descoverd the cows had gotten out of the paddock and were now in our garden and in our pond! HAHA



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