Monday, April 29, 2013

My Parents came to Visit!! part 1

Last two and half weeks my parents were in New Zealand! Hence the lack of posts. It was such an awesome time to be able to see them and hangout with them and show them my life here! And to be able to travel with them and see more of this amazing country!

Waiting for them at the Airport felt like an eternity!
YAY! So excited we are together!!!

Mom and I at one of my favorite spots!

Showing them around town

Family Run!

I made them eat traditional Kiwi Sausages!

Kauri bush Walk!

Making Rice Crispy Treats for the family

Ready for church! (Photo Via Henri!)

They arrived on a Friday so I got up early (345am) to pick them up in Auckland (a 2 and a half hour drive). I was so excited to see them! Then they spent the weekend with me and my New Zealand family in Whangarei and Monday morning we caught a plane to Queenstown and started traveling!


Queenstown is just Beautiful!!

First we did a two day bike trip on the Otago Rail Trail. The Rail Trail is an old rail path that they have turned into a bike, horse, walking track. It was amazing and I definitely felt out of condition for bike riding.

Ready to start our adventure!


 Oldest post office still working in New Zealand!

Lunch break!

We stopped at every station along the road to take a picture!

Inside a tunnel

45 degrees south latitude! Meaning we were exactly half way between the equator and the south pole!!

End of the journey! 101.9km

After the Rail Trail we rented a Motor home and drove up the south Island across the ferry and up the north island to Auckland where we spent the night and my parents flew home the next day.

Our home for the trip

Teaching dad how to drive on the left side of the road! :) 

 Teaching mom how to drive!


On the Kepler Track! We love bridges!

Our nightly routine became taking out the maps and figuring out the next day!

Puzzling World! Full of optical allusions!

 The Toilets

Dad decided to use the roman toilets instead

Fox Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

My giant piece of cake!!

Grey mouth and the Tasman Sea

Fur Seal Colony

Putting my feet in the Tasman Sea

The Longest Swing Bridge in New Zealand!! It's really high off the river and it was super slippery and rainy! kind of scary!

Walking on the Fault Line! In 1929 there was a massive earthquake that pushed the ground on one side up 4.5 meters (13.5 feet) instantaneously! (you can read about it here!)

Rainbows everyday!

There are so many photos I had to split this post into two! 

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