Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parents Visit Part 2 Ferry, Hobbiton, Auckland...

A Glacier we saw while driving!!! Beautiful Drive through to the West Coast!

Over the City of Nelson

Lake Taupo

On the Ferry to the North Island

Little Apple tartlets we made!


Inside a hobbit hole

 Mom petting a sheep at hobbiton

Inside the green dragon pub

Bilbo Baggins house

The Shire


At the top of the skytower

View from the parents room!


There is our fabulous hotel on the end of the pier!

Mommy and the Moa

My hotel room!! The nicest hotel I have ever stayed in and I had the room all to myself!! Yes I did take a bath and wore my robe and slippers! Definitely spoiled!

On the top deck of the skytower there are these glass panels you can walk on and see below!

View of the Auckland Harbor Bridge from the skytower

We got to "hangout" with Sera in the hotel! It felt backwards to me because usually she is with them when we "hangout"

All in all it was amazing having my parents here! I loved showing them this country that is so close to my heart and the things that I love here! I loved teaching them how to drive on the left side of the road and laughing when they made their way to the right side accidentally! I loved spending time with them and laughing and enjoying things that I used to take for granted! But I also had more confirmation from the Lord that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and He has plans that I could never dream of still in my future!

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  1. And we LOVED getting hugs from you and visiting with you. You are definitely in the place where the Lord needs you to be.