Monday, May 13, 2013

Housesitting, and Term 2

This weekend was mother's day and it made me sad not to be with my amazing mama but I was able to look back on the amazing time we had together just a few weeks ago! Love you Mom!!

Life is back to being busy! I am excited by the things the Lord is doing and hoping to have a really good term!

Since I got back from spending time with my parents I have been house sitting for a lovely couple from our church. They have 9 chickens, 9 sheep, and 2 lambs. It has been so fun for me to look after their animals. I have also very much enjoyed the extra quiet time to really study more of the word and to study for everything this term!


The Lord has been speaking to me so much and giving me so much faith. I got back from my trip with my parents and was hit with so much spiritual warfare and confusion. I felt like everything I am doing here is a waste and that I shouldn’t even be here. The enemy has such a way of getting us down and losing faith. The Lord has been working in me and encouraging me and giving me direction.

I am also sharing the house with a lady from our church who is going through a really hard time and I love getting to pray with here and talk to her about the Lord. My friend Ellen is also staying with me here which has been a lot of fun! We are working on planning her wedding (July 13). We are also doing random fun things!  

This week I started volunteering at the SPCA. I really wanted a way to get into the community more and meet people and getting to hopefully share the Lord with them. I have been praying about what to get involved in and this seemed like the perfect thing. Monday was my first day and I enjoyed it so much and already had the opportunity to talk to one of the girls about church and the Lord. I am hoping to share more with her over the weeks and maybe even get her to come to church with me. Please pray for her and our relationship as I will be working with her every Monday!

Saturday I spent the day with Ellen driving around and doing random fun things! First we hit up a beach on the West Coast. It was stormy and rainy so we didn’t stay long. Next we drove to Kai iwi lakes. They are lakes that many people love camping at and visiting in the summer. It was beautiful there although it was so cold. We decided we needed to go for a winter swim, basically just to say we did it. We were so cold but it was really fun! Then we drove up to the Waipoua forest to see Tane Mahuta the giant Kauri tree! I had wanted to do that since I got here so it was nice to finally get to go! We really enjoyed our day together and being a bit crazy!

Freezing after swimming in the lake!

Sometimes you just have to swing for a bit

Tane Mahuta

A couple weeks ago we were painting with oil based paint and it got all over Anri's hands but we were able to get it off with just oil and salt you can read about it all here

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