Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So I wanted to tell you all about an amazing campaign that I am participating in here in New Zealand!
I am so excited about this that I have to share and want all of you back in the states to get involved and I will tell you how!
A girl I know here named Katie Boom she is amazing and she has been going barefoot for 6 months to raise money and awareness for people that can’t afford shoes and don’t have shoes or school supplies. Her aim is to raise awareness about the abundance of what we have and to give to those that don’t have! You can read all about her journey and the campaign here on her shoeless blog!

Most of you know that I love to walk barefoot or with sandels year round! So I thought this was the perfect thing for me to do! I have committed to going shoeless for a few days this month and the more money I raise the more days I will go shoeless!!

I will be updating more about my journey shoeless on my other blog thatworshipchick If you want to see how things go and such with going barefoot in my everyday life! Post one will be up today from day one of being shoeless!

So here is the deal and how you can support me and this campaign!
1: sign up to go shoeless and raise support you can sign up here
I know the states are not really the place to go barefoot but if you are brave enough then do it! besides it's becoming summer over there while it is winter here and we are doing it!
2: You can support me and donate money to this campaign by donating here!
20 dollars send a child to school for a year with school supplies, uniforms, shoes... 

3: if you live in the Whangarei area you can give me shoes that are still usable but that you don’t use anymore and I will donate them to the campaign!

4: you can pray for this campaign

I would love to see others get involved and I am excited to see how this all goes especially me going shoeless!

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