Saturday, September 21, 2013

My last week in New Zealand

Saturday I went on a walk and hung out with Ellen all day! We had a fantastic time just hanging out on my last Saturday in New Zealand! 

Sunday was my last church service. After church we had a shared meal (potluck) and just spent time together! I really enjoyed the time with people and the sad goodbyes.
 After church I went out with Amy! We went or a walk, ate fish and chips and ate deep fried Moro bars at the dam! I will miss her so much

Monday was my final day at the spca it was sad to leave but I had such a fantastic day playing with the puppies and walking dogs! 

Tuesday I went to visit the lovely Priscilla Pyle! Her and her family have had a really crazy year and I have been wanting to hangout with her one on one for ages! Finally we made it happen. There was a new born lamb on their property so naturally we want to play with it!

This is Priscilla with the neighbors horse

Made some sunrise painted shoes a while ago!

Thursday night I went to a friends house and we recorded a song together. We had been singing this song together at her parents country folk night once a month and really wanted to have a memory of it. It was such a great time hanging out with her and recording it!

My last few days I was housesiting and decided to put googly eyes on random things throughout their house! Hopefully they enjoyed the surprise!

Saturday morning Ellen and I drove to the airport so I could head to Australia. We left at 4am! As they were hoping it would be the last day of America's cup racing everyone in the airport was gathered around the TVs watching the America's cup race! I can't believe it was abandoned and we are still waiting for racing! 

I will miss New Zealand so much but Australia is shaping up to be fantastic! 

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