Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Working on a dairy farm!

I cant’ believe another week has gone by already! I only have 2 more Sundays of leading worship in New Zealand, 2 more days working at the SPCA, 1 more teen girls Bible study, and so many other things that I am now doing for the last time. It is so sad to think that my time in New Zealand is almost over!
Cuddles with the puppies! This is Ash

I am excited for my trip to Australia and Tonga but, still sad about leaving New Zealand.

Last week I got to help on a dairy farm. I have wanted to do this since I got here so I was excited to finally do it! I went out there and first helped grace feed the calves. The Calves are so cute and it was great feeding them. Some are still so young that we had to help them learn to suck and kept putting their mouths on the feeder. I loved it! It reminds me of helping momma’s learn to breast feed (I miss being a doula). After feeding the calves we just mucked around the farm. She showed me her horse, and we cleaned out her dogs kennel. Well she did most of the work! It was so disgusting. There was a opossum head in there rotting and maggots ugh!!! In the afternoon I went over to help with the afternoon milking. I helped Daniel milk over 300 cows. I can’t believe how efficient he is and how quickly he does things. I definitely got in his way more than helped! While it was really dirty and smelling I really enjoyed the experience. I am definitely not the kind of girl who is afraid of hard work or getting my hand dirty (covered in cow poop). I didn’t even get pooped on (almost did).

I really enjoyed my day on the farm and would love to spend more days working on a farm.

I apologize for not having very many pictures from the farm but I was covered in cow poo and working so I wasn’t going to get my phone covered in poop as well.

I helped Hurriana cut the goats feet on Saturday

This Chicken REALLY wants to be an indoor pet

Walked by a Turkey on my walk

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