Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The start of the goodbyes

Always getting stuck behind the logging trucks
Last Sunday as I was on my way to church I got so sad realizing that I only had one Sunday left in New Zealand and some of these people I wouldn’t see again on Earth. Praise the Lord that we will meet again in heaven and that with believers it is never truly goodbye.
Last Saturday I watched the VanZyl kids while there parents went to Auckland for a concert! We had a great time playing games and being creative!

This week has been full of trying to figure out arrangements for Australia and trying to figure out packing and such. Ugh I have grown to hate traveling with a guitar and will definitely figure out better options next time I travel for worship.

I am really getting excited for Australia! I can’t wait to visit Phil and Tahlia and get to see more of Aus! I have been researching Brisbane and am now excited to see it and spend time there! Also I am getting excited for the conference in Sydney. It’s amazing to see how the Lord worked that out in perfect timing and that I will be able to help there! Please pray as I try and decide how to get from Brisbane to Sydney. I have been thinking about renting a car and driving down. It would probably be easier to fly but more adventurous to drive so still trying to figure that out.
Cochise at the SPCA so sweet!

Monday after the SPCA I went with the Biern’s family from church to Ngawha! Ngawha is about an hour north of us and there are thermal hot pools there. This place was awesome. It’s the most natural, untouristy, still native location that I have been to. It’s just holes in the ground and they have put wood up around them for you to sit on. We had such a great time! I love this family so much and it was great to spend some quality time with them before I go back. Other than smelling terrible at the end of the night we had a great time!

Tuesday was our last girl’s bible study! We finished the book of James and just hung out eating fantastic treats. It has been amazing getting to know these girls this year and being a part of their lives. It’s so sad to be leaving them and knowing that there isn’t anyone else to lead a girl’s bible study for them. Prayerfully I have been an encouragement to them and they have grown over this year! Please pray they all continue to grow in the Lord.

The girls and I
I have more goodbyes coming and it's going to be a really hard weekend and next week! Please pray for me!

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