Sunday, November 11, 2012


Wow the Lord is really doing something amazing here and in my life. So much has changed and happened in the last few days!

I moved in with a new family. Well back to the house that I first was living in house sitting but now I am with the family here. They are from South Africa and are lovely! So far I feel very comfortable here and feel a lot more at home. They made a room for me and it is beautiful. I am much closer to town (walking distance) so that is going to make things here a lot easier. I am still praying for a car but for the time being it will be much better to be close to town. Now if I could just learn AfrikaansI would be able to understand them better J

Also on Friday I had a talk with Miguel and his wife Claudia. They feel the Lord is moving them back to America in January. They bought tickets and will be leaving New Zealand January 18th. This is huge for the church and for me. The Lord has risen up one of the men in the church to take over as pastor which is amazing. They have asked me to stay and continue with worship. I feel like the Lord is telling me to stay right here in Whangarei, which is going to be difficult. Thankfully the lord has allowed me to make relationships with quite a few families here and I know that He will continue to provide for me.

Before I left home I had an interesting conversation with Dylan (my pastor at roots) about coming to NZ and what the Lord was going to do. He said one thing before I left that has been on my mind since I arrived here and is know something the Lord keeps speaking to me. He said, “What if the Lord is bringing you to New Zealand to help the church transition if Miguel leaves?” A few years ago we went through a major transition for our church and had to learn how to deal and work in a church. Since I have already been through a transition and seen the Lord work I believe he has called me for this. 

I really do see His purpose in me coming to New Zealand and I am excited to see what He is going to do through this church body! It was amazing to see the people stand beside him and support his decision to leave and also commit to standing beside the new pastor and support him as pastor of the church.

Please pray for Miguel and his family as they make this move. Especially pray for each of the children as they leave their friends and home.

Please pray for Paul and Sharon the pastor that will be taking over.

Please pray for guidance and direction for me here without the Miguel and his family

Please continue to pray that the Lord provides a car for me. 

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