Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun week

 This week has been an interesting one to say the least. I am now finally adjusting to this family and the house. I love the time I get to spend with this family and getting to know them better. I really feel like I fit a lot better with this family.

  found a baby bird in the back yard :(
 Tried my hand at archery! So fun!

  giant Kauri Snail!

It is hard to be away from my family this week as they are camping and having a fun family time for thanksgiving. I know that this is where I am supposed to be but it’s always hard to be away for holidays!

I did do some fun stuff last week. I went spelunking in abbey caves. That was really fun although I did not realize we would be getting as wet as we did. I was in water up to my waste for a few parts of it and we saw eels in the water on the way out of the cave so that freaked me out a bit. We also saw glow worms in the cave which was really cool!
Tuesday we woke up to a beautiful day and decided we needed to take advantage of the sun and head for the beach. We went to Ruakaka beach. This beach is beautiful!!! We even watched skydivers land right on the beach!

On Wednesday we watched the solar eclipse that I didn’t even know was planned to happen. I also took the family geocaching for the first time. Zander the little boy loved it and keeps asking if we can go find more treasures. I plan to take them more since there are so many around here and it’s an excuse to get to go.
On Saturday a few friends and I got up at 4am to hike Mount Mania for sunrise. From the top you have almost a 360 degree view. It was beautiful although it was cloudy so we didn’t see the sunrise like we could have if it was clear. Then we went out to Dwayne’s house and shot some guns which is always fun!
  all bundled up to watch the Sunrise!!

Monday night for girls club we had a Hawaiian night. Ka’u a student for Azusa Pacific is over here for  a few months and she taught us all the a hula. It was really fun to watch the girls get involved and see Ka’u share about worshiping the Lord through dance. On the way home we saw a house all lit up for Christmas! We had to stop and take pictures!


Drove to the top of Parihaka to see the city lights
Taught the girls how to make daisy chains!

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