Sunday, November 25, 2012

Learning to be Thankful in everything

Wow this last week was amazing to see the Lord work and to just enjoy His presence. I am learning to just enjoy him every day and to rest continually on His unfailing love.

Last week was a difficult one for me for many reasons. I found myself getting incredible restless as we had terrible weather with rain all day every day. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and stay in bed. Another reason it was difficult was because my family was all camping back home for thanksgiving. This was the first thanksgiving I was away from my family and it was difficult not to be with them. However a few families got together here to celebrate thanksgiving complete with all the food and pies. I even made the apple pies and pumpkin pies J

Thankfully I was able to “hangout” with my family and friends for thanksgiving. My dad set the computer with me on it on the table while they ate. It was great to be able to talk with and see my grandparents who I haven’t talked with since August. Also my friend John just got back from the army after being stationed in Germany! It was great to see his face and for him to be home.

Friday I had the amazing opportunity to lead worship for a thanksgiving worship night. One of the men at our church had it on his heart to just have a night of worship and thanksgiving to the Lord and he asked me to lead worship for it. It was mostly older people that only know hymns but it was really cool to get to worship with them and see their hearts for the Lord.
Friday we also made slings for a teen mum's ministry we do. They turned out so cute!

 Saturday the weather finally cleared up and we were able to go outside so we walked down to the town basin where they had the first art market of the season! It was great to see all the local art.  It was beautiful and so nice to be outside for a change.

Sunday was church and this week I was super blessed. I feel like the last few weeks the Lord has really been speaking to me about the church and His purposes for me being here. I was so blessed to worship with them and really see the Lord moving! After church my friend Ellen and I went to her brother’s place to shoot some guns. Let’s just leave it at we had a really good time J


Last Thursday I met this girl Amy at our thanksgiving service. She used to go to Calvary Whangarei and has recently been coming back. Today I went on a walk with her to get to know her better. It was great to talk and hangout and I am excited to see what the Lord does in her. She definitely has a great heart and I know the Lord has amazing plans. 
Still no car but I know the Lord it under control!
Next week I will be going to the Calvary Chapel Church Workers Conference in Raglan. I am super excited as I will get to see afew people from back home including a team of high school students from CCCM. Please pray for safe travels for the team!

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