Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garage sales, baby showers, and beaches

Well there have been a lot of changes and things happen this last week. Where do I begin?

I have been praying a lot about whether I should stay at the house that I am at right now with this family or to move somewhere else. This house is so far out of town that it makes it difficult to do the things that I need to and want to do every day. I don’t have the freedom to go into town or meet with people. So I have been praying about moving somewhere new. A family has offered to take me in and they are a short walk to town. Please join me in praying about this as I need to make a decision in the next day or so.

Last Wednesday we took the kids to CHEW (Christian Home Education Whangarei). It is a group of families that get together every fortnight to do something for homeschooling. This time we went to kiwi north, which has a house and school and buildings from some of the first settlers in NZ. We toured around and saw everything. The kids all dressed old fashioned (it was Halloween so I guess that made up for it). New Zealand doesn’t really celebrate Halloween much at least not like America. I did not see one kid dressed up for trick or treating and only saw stuff in one store. So strange.

Thursday night I stayed at Miguel (the pastor) and his wife’s house because I went over for dinner and they didn’t want to drive me home. We went to the beach on Friday morning. It was beautiful at the beach. I don’t really know how to describe it but it is definitely not like Huntington Beach J

On Saturday I got up early to go to the market and to garage sales with Lynne. I had a great time seeing what garage sales are like here and enjoyed the local farmers market.

After that Ellen picked me up and we went to Willies bay. It was beautiful there. Although the weather was bad and was raining on and off it was nice to be outside. We attempted to climb around the rocks to another beach but when we were almost there we realized it was not going to be possible at high tide. We seriously were rock climbing and I got my feet and hands all cut up on the lava rocks.

Sunday was church as usual and then we threw a baby shower for one of the women at church named Clare. They asked me to MC the shower and to do all of the games. I definitely had no idea what I was doing but we had a lot of fun and everyone said they were super blessed by the entire event.

Please continue to pray for the Lord direction on whether I am to stay in this house or move somewhere new. Also please continue to pray that the Lord provides me a car. I am realizing daily how much I need one but I know the Lord has perfect timing for everything.

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