Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Never Doubt the Lord will Provide!

It seems like every time I blink another couple of weeks have passed. It seems since returning to New Zealand time has sped up drastically and I am running out of time here. My heart is so sad to being saying goodbye in just a few weeks and I can’t even imagine what my life is going to be like without all these amazing people.

The Lord continues to amaze me and blow me away daily!

Last night at 5pm I got a text that the family I was house sitting for had just arrived in Auckland and would be home in a few hours. I had thought they were coming home on today so naturally I was not ready for them to be back yet and had no where planned to spend the night. Today I was moving to house sit for 4 days but was not starting that until today. I was so stressed and thinking about where I could park my car and sleep in it for the night. Thankfully my friend Amy was able to let me stay at her place! Yet again the Lord provided at the last minute!! So Thankful and reminded of His faithfulness!

Never doubt that God is faithful and that He will provide!

These last couple of weeks has been the start of term. It’s been great getting back into term. This term the girl’s bible study is super exciting! We are covering the book of James and look at having active faith! The first chapter and introduction have been great and I am looking forward to the next few weeks getting more into James especially chapter 3 about the tongue!
While her mom and I played some music she got in the cabinets!

I got to hangout with one the high school girls last week and we found this on the beach!! CRAZY!

This weekend I will be moving out to another house (hopefully the last move). Yes, I have moved a lot of times (I think I am up to 11?). I am so thankful for the Collecutt family for allowing me stay with them for my remaining weeks in New Zealand.

(Picture of Ellen's hair from the wedding photographer!)
I did her hair!! I think it turned out pretty good!

As I move all of my stuff to their place I am reminded that somehow I have to pack all of this stuff back up and move it back to the states! I think I will be getting rid of a lot of stuff J

I was able to do the Walk for Hope last Saturday to support an organization that helps girls dealing with self harm, abuse, suicide, addictions and many other things!! It was pouring rain but still the best 5k I have every done! Check out a girl called hope here.

Please continue to pray for my remaining weeks here! Pray that the Lord prepares me for what is next and that I will make the most of every moment that I have here!
Please pray for the girl’s bible study this term that we would all grow and hear from the Lord

Please pray for our Tonga trip as it comes on October 7. Pray for open hearts and opportunities to serve and share the Lord with those in Tonga

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