Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sometimes I go to write a blog and think, “I have nothing to write, why would anyone read this.”
This is definitely one of those times! I have already mentioned in previous blogs how fast time is going, and how beautiful New Zealand is. I have already mentioned the Lord’s faithfulness and how amazing He is. So what else do I write??

A little over a week ago I moved into a new house! I am now living in the country again and absolutely loving it! It’s so nice to have animals around and to have green hills and paddocks everywhere I look. I love going on walks and just soaking in the green all around me!  I am so thankful for all the families that have taken me in and made me feel at home here. I will never be able to truly tell them how blessed I am. Please pray a special blessing on all the families that have made me feel a part of their family.

New Room

Enjoying the green rolling hills

Beauty of His creation

 As my time in New Zealand is quickly winding down, I am trying to make the most of everyday and enjoy every moment that I get with people. I am trying not to close myself off and shield myself from the pain that comes with saying goodbye, and instead trying to make the most of every moment! The goodbyes will be hard but hopefully the memories will outweigh them!
Don't want to say good bye

Shabbat with the Foote Family

I have the amazing opportunity to celebrate Shabbat with the Foote family last week! I love this family so much and truly enjoyed the night. The day before I went to Hannah’s house and got to play with her kids! They are so cute and fun!

Saturday I went to the Northland Rugby game! YAY! We won! The last game I went to we lost really bad so I was expecting to lose but the boys played really well and won! Super exciting! The All Blacks won against Australia as well so that was exciting to watch on TV!

waiting for cows to cross the Road and looking at a beautiful rainbow

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