Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rotorua, zoo, and new term

So this month I am house sitting for a family that has gone to England! Their house is lovely and I am enjoying it very much! There are so many beautiful places near by to walk and I am enjoying being back in New Zealand with all the beautiful scenery! 

My running spot!

Last week I was able to go down to Rotorua for a few days and just relax and visit with people down there. It was such a nice holiday and way to prepare for the new term.
The ranch where the bible college is at has some fun animals!
The lake near the ranch that I walked to every morning to spend time in prayer

Rotorua has hot pools and steam everywhere!

Went for a walk around the redwoods with Jebraun! So blessed to spend time with her!
Went to see the volcano and buried village with Gwen Walsh! She is amazing I am was so encouraged talking with her!

While in Rotorua I was able to lead worship and speak with a group of teen girls that were leaders at a camp! It was great to share what The Lord has taught me and encourage them to follow The Lord with all their hearts!

On the way back from Rotorua I spent the night in Auckland at my friend Emily's house and went to the zoo the next day!

I loved watching all the animals!

Saturday was a big day for whangarei! The bridge that they have talked about forever and been working on forever had its grand opening! I was able to go to the grand opening and enjoyed the celebrations
Flotilla and parade 

Saturday night I went and watched the roller derby! It was so fun! The girls looked to be having so much fun! I would live to do that! (Maybe I will)

And this week was back to normal term! Spca, girls study, hanging out with families and everything else! 

Wed I walked to the waterfalls! 

I am definitely looking forward to this term and making the most of the rest of my time here!!

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