Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bivouac's and girls club

Pictures to come soon sorry they would not load.

The last few days have been crazy! I have had such a good time seeing the Lord in everything and getting to know this family!

The Welsh family has invited me to stay with them for as long as I would like or as long as I can handle their family They have been so nice and loving. The youngest girls are constantly asking me to do things with them and I am definitely learning what it would be like to be a part of a large family! I am so thankful for having a small one. Big families are not for introverts

Monday night I went to girls club. This is a group for at risk teen girls in the community that gets together to do activities. It was really great! The girls are so funny. This week we played games just a little softball type game and basketball and just hungout with the girls. I really loved getting to meet them and look forward to the next group when we are going fishing.

Wednesday I went to the local homeschool group hangout. Every fortnight (everyother week) they do something together. This week we did a bush walk (hiking through the trees and such) and built bivouac’s (shelters) in the bush. It was a lot of fun. It’s funny because there are no poisonous animals or insects here. In fact there is nothing besides other people that will try to kill you (even the people are few and far between). Because of this you can tramp all through the bush and play with anything you want without fear of getting bitten by a snake or a spider or eaten by a bear.

While at the homeschool group we met this girl Tina who just got saved 3 weeks ago. She really wanted to get babtized so one of the women went with her and baptized her. It was beautiful and Tina’s testimony is amazing! It is really exciting to see the Lord take hold of someone that is so far away form Him and transform their life.

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