Monday, October 29, 2012

4 wheel driving and such

Wow things get busy fast. I can’t believe how quickly things have gone the last few weeks. I have been doing a lot of homeschooling lately and playing with the kids in this house. They are crazy and so full of energy. It is exhausting! They definitely need to be outside more and working harder. I am loving getting to know them and experiencing life with a true Kiwi family.
 Jumping on the tramp with the kids
The sky has been absolutely beautiful lately!

The Lord has given me a job I guess you could say. I am working cleaning a family’s house one day a week for a few hours. It’s not much it’s something and so far the Lord has been providing for all my needs financially. Although I don’t have a car yet and that will definitely take a cut in my finances especially for insurance and fuel. I know the Lord will provide though.
 the view from the house i am cleaning!! Seriously every house here has an amazing view!

Please pray that the Lord provides a car soon. I have been realizing how necessary it is to have a car and it has been really difficult not being able to be involved in all the things I want to and could be because I don’t have a way to get there or back. I have been looking but so far there hasn’t been any that are in my price range and that will be reliable and economical for fuel. So please be praying that the Lord would show me one soon! Thanks

This week was the first week for the women’s bible study in which I am watching all the kids and the youth basketball. Basketball was fun but super trying for me. I am supposed to be teaching 4-8 year olds how to play basketball. It’s really hard especially because I don’t play basketball. Also 4 years olds don’t have near the coordination to fully play and 8 year olds really like to hog the ball. I will definitely be needing patience and wisdom for this.
In true kiwi fashion I have been walking around a lot without shoes! It is much easier to not have to take them off everytime I go in and out of the house.

We have 7 baby chicks now! They are so cute! And hopefully we will have more in the next week or so! Just waiting for them to hatch!  We also have some baby birds in the laveder bush!

This weekend we went to the four wheel driving nationals. It was about an hour away. We had a great time watching people try and do all these obstacles and things. I was shocked by some of the steep inclines they were able to climb up.  It was really fun to see all the Kiwi’s and their families there.

Yesterday was girls club. We were supposed to be going fishing but the weather was too rainy and we ended up watching a movie. We watched October Baby. It was a really good movie (not great acting but great story). I would recommend watching it.

Watching October Baby

My first fish and chips in NZ

And yesterday I found this gem at a used book store!!










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  1. For basketball you should be doing drills: dribbling, passing (chest and bounce passes) and you could time the older kids setting up a mini obstacle course for dribbling. Then after they are more tired out, try to play. Hope this helps. Remember when I coached Zach's team when he was 4? It is a great way to get exercise!!!