Sunday, October 14, 2012

My new home and missing family

Last week with the Abascal family was fun. We played more games than I can count and I enjoyed playing with the kids.
Most of you know I love cemeteries everywhere I go. So here is my first one in New Zealand.

Saturday was a really hard day for me though. My grandfather's memorial service was going on back home and it was really hard to be away from my family and not be a part of it. I did record the navy hymn for it as that was a song my grandpa wanted sung. So I felt like at least a little part of me was there. I also recieved a package from my mom that day so it helped to have a little piece of home.
 He was a Marine so the service was done right :)

Yesterday (Sunday) I moved in with a new family. Praise the Lord for providing another place for me to stay. We haven’t discussed how long I will be staying here with them but I know the Lord has a plan. This family is a family of 11. But only 8 live in the house (6 children and the parents). I am living their spare bedroom/attic. It is actually quite cute and I have a lot of privacy up here.
This is Amelia and Shiloh they love me
 This is my little room!
We live basically in the country surrounded by farms. We have 9 chickens (chuks as they are called here), 5 birds, a dog, and a rooster. It was quite interesting being awoken this morning at 5am by the rooster and then at 630 by the neighbors horse.
 This is the view out the window of my room
 this is the puppy Jed. He helps me not miss my pup so much :)

As part of my living here I am working around the house and helping with devotions and homeschooling their children. Their youngest daughter Amelia and Shiloh the next youngest love me. They are constantly asking to sit next to me and for me to do their hair. They think I came here just to play with them. It is quite cute.
 hanging laundry to dry

Today starts the first day of school term. So it starts craziness for me. Tonight I am going to girls club, which is a group for at risk teen girls. We are going to the beach it should be a fun time.
I am still praying about a car as it is about a 30 minute drive to town from here but I know the Lord will provide something hopefully soon! Prayerfully things workout with this family and I can live here with them for the remainder of my time in New Zealand.

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