Monday, October 22, 2012

When in New Zealand...

It has been amazing getting to know this family better. I am learning so much what it is like to live in the country in New Zealand and what it is like to live with a big family. As an introvert I have to sneak off at times and take time to myself and to spend with the Lord. So far the hardest thing about being with a big family (especially with little girls that love you) is spending quality time with the Lord. There is always someone around and someone wanting to play or do something. I am learning to get up extra early and trying to make a routine. It has been really cool learning about being sheep and really seeing how sheep are and just learning about the greatness and the bigness of the Lord.

 shooting rabbits out the window

This weekend we did a bit of gardening. Lynne the mum in the house loves gardening and has an amazing garden! She broke her foot the first day I arrived in New Zealand and has been unable to do as much gardening as she would like. So this weekend we went and helped her plant potatoes and weed. It was fun and it was a nice day so that made it nicer.  The weather is starting to get nicer we get a few nice days mixed in with the rainy ones. I am starting to see glimpses of summer and excited to finally have it warming up a bit.

This family gets there milk from a farm down the road so Saturday we drove over and got out milk. We literally filled a bucket with milk that had just been milked from the cows. They said one day soon they will have me come over and help them milk the cows. It should be fun but definitely hard work! At the farm we walked around a bit in the paddocks. We found a few dead cows. I am so trying all sorts of new foods, most are great others (vegemite) are terrible!!!!

 Getting our milk for the week
        the cows lined up to get milked

If you get a little queasy with pictures you may not want to look at the next 2 :) fair warning!

Dead cow in the paddock

This is a dead pig. Some friends came to visit and showed us this picture of a pig their son and his friends shot. We still have no idea how they got it on the truck but this thing is massive.

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