Sunday, September 23, 2012

My First Few Days

KIA ORA (that means hello in Maori) my first Maori words J

My first few days have been a complete whirlwind. When I first arrived there were so many things to do. My first day I almost missed my bus up to Whangarei from Auckland, I went to the hospital because Dana one of the pastors daughters had gotten a paint chip under her nail. I went to a youth basketball game outreach. I met the Women’s fellowship and many other things. It was quite overwhelming to say the least. I met so many people I couldn’t keep anyone’s names right.
 The waterfront
The next day was Saturday and because of the time change I woke up at 7am unable to go back to sleep. So I was tired the rest of the day. That day Naomi the oldest daughter took me on a walking tour of Whangarei. Claudia (the mom) dropped us off at the library which is kind of the center of town and we walked all around down by the water and the city. She showed me the “mall” more like the street with the clothing stores on it, and the best grocery store and place to buy essentials. I bought shampoo and soap and stuff like that. After we returned to the house, the younger girls took me on a tour of the house and the yard. It is amazing! The view from here is great and everything is so beautiful. The little girls and I have really bonded! They are so cute and a few of them just like to follow me around and stand next to me all the time. I love it.  
Whangarei Falls
Sunday was crazy! It was my first Sunday here and my first Sunday leading worship. I didn’t even know what to expect. The church is small. There were around 40 people there. It felt bigger than Roots but that could be because we were in a smaller room so it seemed more packed. The people were amazing. It was so great to be welcomed by all of them and to get to meet them. After church I went with Ellen to the house that I am going to be living at until October 11 so that I could get to know her a bit. Ellen is great. She is so nice and loves to talk and hangout. In the evening The Abascal’s were having a party to welcome me to NZ and meet some people my age. It was rather awkward but it was nice to meet people. I have met so many people in so few days that I don’t know if I will ever remember everyone’s names. It is quite overwhelming.
 The Pastors house
Today is Monday and I am meeting with Miguel (the pastor) and his wife Claudia to talk about my time in NZ. I’m not totally sure what this talk is going to entail but it should be interesting. The Pastor Miguel is interesting and his communication style and personality is going to be difficult to understand fully.
Flowers in the city!
A couple of things you can pray for:
  • Pray for my relationship with people here, that they would be smooth and not awkward.
  • Pray for my relationship with Miguel the Pastor and we would be on the same page and understand each other.
  • Pray that I am not homesick and miss my family to much
  • Pray that I don’t get to overwhelmed meeting all these new people and being thrown into life so quickly

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