Friday, September 21, 2012

Plane Ride and Sydney

Wow I can’t believe I am actually here is New Zealand! For so long it seemed like such a distant future and now I am here!
It was really hard packing. Up until the last minute I was trying to take things out of my suitcase so that I could meet the weight requirements! It was really sad to have to leave some of my stuff at home.
Finally we headed off to the airport. Even the checking in process took forever and was a pain. They made me buy an Australian visa because I was going to be in Australia for over 8 hours. It was really hard to say goodbye to my sister and parents and my aunt. I cried they cried and then I left through security and on to my future.

My first fight wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Thanks to my Aunt Kathryn I had an awesome seat. Exit row aisle with no one in front of me. The bathrooms were in front of me and it was really entertaining watching everyone try to figure out how to open the bathroom door. It’s really not that hard it even says push on the door
I sat next to 2 guys one from Britain but lives in Sydney and the other from Auckland. They were very pleasant. I was able to sleep off and on during the flight and only watched one movie. The food was terrible as is most airplane food but I was a good flight over all.
I had decided that since I already had an Australian visa and I was going to be there for 12 hours I may as well walk around Sydney for a while. So when we landed I went through customs, checked my guitar at a luggage locker place and headed for the train. Sydney is BEAUTIFUL!!
 opera house from the bridge

The weather was perfect; it was warm but not hot. I did end up getting a bit sunburned but it was fine it will just end up a tan. I got off the train and circular quay which is the main stop for the water front. I walked around the Sydney harbor bridge and across it. From the bridge you can see the opera house from the best angle. I was able to sit on a bench and just enjoy the sun and people watch. Then I went and grabbed some food and walked over to the Opera house and ate out front of it. I sat there for a few hours reading and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.  Then I walked along the gardens that are next to the opera house. It was all very beautiful!

One funny thing about Sydney is it is very clean. Not much trash on the ground or anywhere but very few trash cans. I kept looking for one to throw my trash in and it took me forever to find one. I wonder how they stay so clean.

After around 9 hours out in Sydney I took the train back to the airport got my guitar ate some dinner and checked in for my flight. This flight was much shorter which was very nice and I had an open seat next to me. I was so tired from the long day and flight that I slept most of this flight. By the time I landed it was 215am. I called the hotel, they picked me up and I went straight to bed.



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