Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tutukaka Lighthouse and hanging out

I can’t believe I have been here over a week!
From the Tutukaka Lighthouse
This last week has been great! I have met so many new people and seen so much of God’s beauty and glory here in New Zealand. I can’t wait for the term to start and I can really start working and sharing the Lord with more people.
 On the way to the Tutukaka Lighthouse
This week we watched the first 2 Lord of the Rings movies. Driving around I can definitely see why they would film those movies here. It is definitely what I would picture in the books. By the way the shire is basically the North Island and the rest of it is mostly the South Island. J 
 driving around this is what it looks like everywhere
 One morning we woke up to find sheep on our lawn
 view on a gloomy day from the top of Parihaka (the hill we live halfway up)

Last Monday I was able to go to the girls club at Te Ora Hou. There is a girls club and a boys club every Monday night during term. Basically they pick these teens up and bring them together and do activities and hangout with them. I am praying about whether or not I should be involved in it but I think it would be a great way to share the Lords love with these teens, so I am leaning toward yes. It was a really great night getting to talk with them and interact with them. Every week they do something different, this week it was a painting project. Here’s mine J

This Saturday Ellen (my roommate), her family and I hiked the Tutukaka Lighthouse. It finally stopped raining and was a beautiful day. The view from the lighthouse is incredible; the pictures don’t even come close to the true beauty of New Zealand. I can’t believe the Lord has led me to a place like this it’s truly amazing! Although with all the rain that we have had I can see why some people don’t like it during every season except summer.
 Whangarei Rock wave
 Ellen and I got icecream because the sun was finally out

This week my main job is finding a place to live and finding a car. Please pray that the Lord gives direction on both. I know He has a plan and I just want to be open and listening for His voice on it.






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