Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random information about NZ

I thought I would give you all some random information about Whangarei NZ the city I will be going to and NZ in general.

New Zealand is 19 hours ahead of California. So in CA you subtract 5 hours and add a day. so 1:00pm on a Tuesday in CA is 8:15am Wednesday in NZ.

The population of Whangarei is about 51,000 people. Costa Mesa has a population of about 111,000 that's over twice as many people! The population of all of NZ is 4,440,621. The population of California is 37,691,912 that's almost 10x as many people!

There are 10 sheep for every person in NZ.

The land area of NZ is 103,738 sq mi, California is 163,695 sq mi. It takes 30 hours to drive from the northernmost city of NZ to the Southern most city. However you do have to take a ferry from one island to the other.  

You drive on the left side of the road in NZ.

People that live in New Zealand are called kiwi's.

New Zealand is one of 3 countries to have 2 official national anthems. (God save the Queen and God depend New Zealand.

New Zealand was the first country to have it's 3 top positions held by women simultaneously. (The prime minister, the governor, and the chief justice)

New Zealand is the first country to see the sunrise every morning.

The driving age is 15.

The main sport in the country is Rugby.

And as far as weather is concerned on the right side of my blog is a weather app and you can see what the weather is like every day.

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